emerging female Abstract artist

Dellamarie Parrilli, is an American artist, "a born master of her medium", and is recognized as one of the most talented contemporary abstract painters painting today. A self-taught artist; whose work is wide ranging, ever changing, and restlessly experimental. Parrilli continues in the creative tradition of her artistic forbearers, Kandinsky, de Kooning, Pollock, Tobey, and even early Rothko, but from her own unique perspective and introspective vision. Her paintings are possessed of a singular grandeur which sets her apart as an artist destined to endure.”

The recipient of numerous awards and included in numerous private and corporate collections, Parrilli’s work has emerging female Abstract artist been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. including solo exhibitions at the Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY, The Ezair Gallery, emerging female Abstract artist NY, Marymount College, NY, Preston Contemporary Art Center, NM, The Fine Arts Building emerging female Abstract artist Chicago. Juried invitational group emerging female Abstract artist exhibitions at the Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN, and Cork Gallery, NY.

Critics agree:

“an impresario of expressionism”

"chromatic fireworks"

“Parrilli is outrageously gifted with unstoppable creativity”

“ABSTRACTION from the geometrical to the lyrical, from the precise to the raw”

" Parrilli is a restless and intrepid experimenter who refuses to limit her aesthetic horizons."

“a self taught artist whose work always contains a big jolt of razzmatazz”

" ... it appears as though Parrilli has dipped emerging female Abstract artist her brush into liquid light rather than physical pigment"

"a profound arrival “

“Parrilli lights up Madison Avenue"

“a born master of her medium”

“wide ranging, ever changing and restlessly experimental”

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